Surrogate Referral Program

Hellobaby is the best surrogacy agency to partner with on your surrogate journey! Now you can earn thousands just by being an advocate for your friends and family to join our referral program as surrogates!

How it Works
Hellobaby Surrogacy believes the best surrogates are referred by friends and family who have been surrogates. That’s why we created a referral program where people could earn money by referring qualified candidates to our program. Your recommendation of us goes a long way!

In order to get credit for your referral, please make sure that she types your name on her inquiry form, in the question that asks who referred her when she is applying online.

Standard Referral Fees
Once you refer a friend to be a Surrogate, you will receive $100 after your referral completes her medical records clearance. You will receive an additional $900 once she signs the Gestational Surrogate Agreement with her Intended Parent(s). There is NO LIMIT on the amount of money you can earn!

Additional Referral Benefits – Quarterly Gift Card Drawing
Referring your friends is a great reward – and your friends will thank you too, but we also have additional incentives for helping us recruit excellent candidates! Every Quarter, we will have a gift card drawing for everyone who sent us a referral or posted about us and tagged us on social media! You can be entered just for trying to refer! Here are the ways you can earn one entry into our Quarterly Gift Card Giveaway. Each entry increases your chance to win!

  • Someone you refer completes a surrogate application and phone interview
  • A Surrogate you referred completes her Gestational Surrogacy Agreement with her Intended Parent(s)
  • Your participation in any Hellobaby Surrogacy recruitment event- such as social media posts, photo social media posts, webinars for surrogates and attending referral events!

How to refer Surrogates:

  • Be outgoing! Post a lot about your journey and tell friends about your amazing Intended Parents. Don’t be afraid to talk about Hellobaby Surrogacy and how we support you in your journey, and ask others if surrogacy is something they’ve ever considered for themselves.
  • Start conversations by working your pregnancy and surrogacy into conversations. If someone mentions enjoying being pregnant, mention that you loved pregnancy so much that you chose to do it for others!
  • Make sure to tell them all the freedom you have gained in being a surrogate- flexible schedule, being able to stay home with your kids- share with them the benefits of being a surrogate!
  • Be sure to share why you chose Hellobaby Surrogacy- Highest compensation for Surrogates.
  • Be friendly and open. Wearing a smile can help show that you’re excited to share your experiences as a surrogate honestly.
  • If you want to share your journey on social media, be sure to tag Hellobaby Surrogacy, and consider setting your posts about surrogacy to be public. And, as always, make sure that you’re not sharing confidential information about your Intended Parent(s).
  • Join lots of surrogacy groups on Facebook! These groups are filled with people who are already considering becoming a surrogate, but are looking for the perfect Agency. You can share with them the experiences you had with Hellobaby Surrogacy.

As you refer friends, don’t stress about whether a referral will be accepted as a surrogate. It’s our job to sort through the qualified applicants you send and decide who will be a great surrogate! We are so grateful for all your referrals and your trust in us, even if someone you send cannot qualify as a surrogate. Even if your referral can’t be a surrogate, we appreciate you sharing your experiences and helping to educate others about the wonderful journey that is surrogacy. You sharing your experiences can bring more people to help create families, and that is our ultimate goal! For every surrogate you can help us recruit, there is a family that you help create and love you help to grow.

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