Egg Donor Process

Here is the process you will follow as an egg donor from review and approval, to being selected, to donating eggs. At Hellobaby, a case manager will go over the egg donation process with each individual in detail with the highest level of professionalism and compassion. We invite you to join our egg donor program today. (Egg Donor Application)

 Phase 1 Egg Donor Application (About 30 Minutes)

For our prospective egg donors, we’ve made the application process as simple as possible, while keeping it thorough and robust enough to accurately assess whether or not becoming an egg donor is right for you.

  • The first step in becoming an egg donor is to fill out our egg donor application. The application takes about 30 minutes.
  • You’ll be asked to provide information about yourself, medical history, and the types of families you are willing to help.
  • Once your application is complete, our Egg Donor Coordinator will reach out to you.

Phase 2 Matching (Time Varies)

Once Intended Parents have an interest in working with you, the matching process begins. Ensuring you’re matched with parents who share similar interests, desires and beliefs as you is an integral part of the Hellobaby journey.

  • We start the matching process when an intended parent expresses interest in working with you.
  • Matching at Hellobaby is a reciprocal process. We believe that Intended Parents should choose their egg donors and egg donors should decide whom they want to help.
  • We’ll send you a redacted profile of any Intended Parents who wish to work with you so you can learn more about them. Skype and telephone calls are also available options.

Phase 3 Psychological Screening (Approximately 1 Month)

After we’ve successfully matched you with your Intended Parents, we take you through a psychological screening to make sure you’re fully prepared and fit to be an egg donor with Hellobaby.

  • As part of the egg donation process, first you will participate in a 45-60 minute screening with a Hellobaby egg donation coordinator by phone. The test helps us identify any illnesses, emotional problems and personality disorders that might not make you a good fit for egg donation.
  • Secondly, you’ll take a psychological exam conducted by a clinical psychologist via webcam. This is a multiple choice and true/false standardized test used widely in egg donation evaluations by agencies and clinics.

Phase 4 Legal Contracts (Approximately 1 Month)

Being on the same page with your Intended Parents throughout the egg donation process is a must. Knowing this, Hellobaby provides an independent attorney to represent you while the legal terms of your contractual agreement are worked out.

  • Egg donors negotiate and sign a contract with their Intended Parents that outlines the plan for the egg donation process.
  • Your Intended Parents will have an attorney, and we’ll provide an independent attorney to represent you while the terms of your agreement are worked through.

Phase 5 Medical Screening (Approximately 1 Month)

Following the psychological screening, we have all egg donor candidates go through a medical and genetic screening. This is to confirm that our egg donors are free of any diseases – including alcoholism and drug addiction – before moving forward with their journeys.

  • Once you’ve passed the psychological screening, you’ll meet with the IVF doctor who will perform a thorough medical and genetic screening. The physician draws blood and checks for any sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, hepatitis and drug/nicotine use.
  • The medical screening may require travel, in which case Hellobaby arranges your travel and your Intended Parents cover the costs. The medical screening is generally an overnight trip to your Intended Parents’ IVF clinic.

Phase 6 Fertility treatments (Birth Control and Injections) (Approximately 1 Month)

Fertility treatments are necessary for egg donors to stimulate the production of eggs. Your doctor will work with you to find the medications that are right for you, so that you can coordinate your cycle with the intended mother or surrogate mother.

  • Medications are given to suppress the menstrual cycle, and ovarian stimulating medications are given to stimulate the production of eggs. Most of these medications are injections that are self-administered for two-four weeks (this can vary) until the egg retrieval. The medications help coordinate your cycle with the intended mother or the surrogate mother.
  • Examples of these medications include birth control pills, Lupron, Ganirelix, Follistim, Gonal-F, Menopur and HCG. These may be used in different combinations depending on the clinic and physician, and some of the medications are known by various names.
  • You’ll likely have a few local monitoring appointments near your home within the 10 days leading up to your retrieval. You’ll have your last monitoring appointments at the IVF clinic your Intended Parents have chosen.

Phase 6 Egg Retrieval (20 to 60 Minutes)

At Hellobaby Surrogacy, we make the egg retrieval process easy. Once your eggs are ready to be retrieved, you and a travel companion will travel to the U.S. IVF clinic your Intended Parents have chosen, and you’ll undergo the retrieval process, which typically takes 20 to 60 minutes.

  • The egg retrieval process is done at the U.S. IVF clinic your Intended Parents have chosen. If you’re traveling, the trip will likely be four to nine days. The retrieval is done vaginally under a mild intravenous sedation. The process takes about 20 minutes with about an hour in the recovery room. Afterward, you may experience some mild-to-moderate abdominal cramping, spotting or bloating.
  • A travel companion is required to attend this trip with you to assist you back to the hotel after the procedure. You’ll travel home the day following your egg retrieval and you should feel normal anywhere between a few days and a week after your procedure.

Phase 7 Fees (Payments) (3 Working Days)

One of the things that makes egg donation so special is the fact that you’re doing more than making a family’s dream come true – you’re making your dreams come true, too. All donors receive a sizable compensation, enough to do something you’ve always wished for and dreamed of.

  • Our first-time donors generally receive $10,000, whereas experienced and successful donors as well as donor types from Asian descent, Jewish descent and other descents that are harder to find may receive a higher fee. The social worker who screens you will be happy to discuss suggested fees based on the norms of our agency.
  • The family that you donate to will be responsible for medical bills, travel bills and other expenses related to the donation.

Phase 8 Retrieval Results and Confirmation to Donate Again

In the final step of your egg donation process, you’ll learn the results of your egg retrieval, and, if interested, you’ll have the option to update your profile to match with new Intended Parents for another egg donation.

  • After you’ve completed your egg retrieval and travel home, you’ll receive an email from your program coordinator with explanations for the next steps, which include returning your travel receipts and receiving your final payment as well as information on donating again.
  • They’ll also explain the process of waiting on results, including the number of eggs retrieved and how many matured, were fertilized, transferred and frozen. We’ll also await pregnancy results, if applicable.
  • You’ll sign a medical release so Hellobaby may obtain these records from the IVF clinic to save in your file, and, if you wish, we can update your profile to match you with new Intended Parents for your next egg donation.

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