Intended Parents Process

A surrogacy journey consists of many milestones that lead to the biggest milestone of all: bringing home your baby! Every journey is different and on its own timeline. The length of the process depends on the intended parents’ preferences and situation.

Phase 1 Getting Started

Intended Parents Application

You will begin by completing our intended parents application. Apply Now.

Matching Consultation

After you have completed your application, our matching team will have a matching consultation meeting with the intended parents to confirm intended parents’ matching preferences and determine possible matching options.

Agency Agreement

Thank you for your trust of choosing us as your agency to help you match the surrogate. An Agency Agreement shall be completed, and retainer shall be paid before an Official Match.

Phase 2 Matching with Surrogate

Official Match

We will send your profile to the surrogate, and also the surrogate’s profile will be sent to you for your review. If everyone accepts the match, you will have a meeting with the surrogate in a video match meeting. Once you and your surrogate agree to help one another, we have an “official match”.

Medical Screening

At this time, your surrogate will have to submit to medical lab tests to detect communicable diseases that may be passed on to you and/or the baby. If all results are good, the Fertility Specialist will issue a medical clearance.

Surrogacy Agreement

After your surrogate is medically cleared, you will complete a legal contract between you and the surrogate to establish the terms of the surrogacy. We will provide you a Surrogate Attorney who will then explain everything in detail, advise you on your rights, and make sure your interests are addressed and protected.

The escrow account will be funded as well as a deposit given to the attending IVF clinic before the start of medications.

Phase 3 Starting Surrogacy Cycle

Embryo Transfer

The surrogate will start the cycle according to the transfer schedule of intended parents’ IVF clinic.


The beta tests (blood tests) first test is usually 10 days after the embryo transfer. Provided the surrogate has positive beta tests, she will have an ultrasound at the monitoring clinic around 6-7 weeks for a confirmation of heartbeat(s). This is when we consider an officially pregnant!

Labor & Delivery

During third trimester, we will complete an interview with the delivery hospital to review the hospital policies, and we will also help create a birth plan to outline everyone’s wishes for delivery day.

Phase 4 Parental Establishment and Child(ren) Released

The legal team will complete the “parental establishment” legal process. This legal process results in the intended parents being named the legal parents of their children.

Congratulations! Finally, we come to the end of this journey, the child(ren) will be released to the intended parents.

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