Surrogate Cost

1. What does the surrogate cost include?

The surrogate cost generally includes the followings:

  • Surrogate mother compensation and reimbursements
  • Surrogacy agency fees
  • Psychological and Medical screening fees
  • Legal representation, proceedings, and parental establishment
  • Medical insurance for pregnancy, delivery, and newborn(s)

The surrogate cost may vary depending on each individual situation. Additional cost may be incurred due to complications in pregnancy, lost wages for Surrogate and spouse, travel, C-section, psychological evaluation for intended parents, and/or miscellaneous Surrogate fees. This fee schedule does not include medications, medical specialist’s fees or hospital charges.

2. Do I Need to Pay All the Surrogacy Costs at Once?

Creating a family through surrogacy can take fifteen to twenty months, and while not all costs will come up at once, the majority of funds will be due within six months of starting the process and are broken into two or three payments.

Build Your Family Through Surrogacy