Egg Donor Selecting Process

Starting your search to find an egg donor may feel a little overwhelming at first, and you’re likely going through many emotions as you begin. Here are the key steps in your egg donor search:

First, Browse Profiles of Potential Donors

You’ll create an account (Signup Now) for access to Hellobaby’s Donor Database. You’ll be able to browse profiles of potential donors and see which ones catch your eye. Whenever you’ve settled on a potential donor that you feel connected to, just let your journey coordinator know.

Next, Deeply Understand the Candidate

You can delve deeply into a donor’s questionnaire. This is an in-depth profile she submits describing her personality, interests, background, etc. It will also note if a woman has ‘proven fertility’ – meaning she has given birth to a healthy child, or her donated eggs have led to successful pregnancy for other intended parents. By the time you move on to the next step, you should feel very comfortable and familiar with the candidate.

The Hellobaby team is very enthusiastic about ‘known egg donation’ – meaning we encourage the intended parents and the person donating eggs to be open with their identity and stay connected with each other – from matching to pregnancy and beyond. Occasionally, however, you’ll see an anonymous donor profile. We understand that donating eggs is a very intimate procedure, and some egg donors and intended parents have good reasons for wanting to protect their identity. We respect and support this decision.

Third, Get an Official Match

Matching at Hellobaby is a reciprocal process. We believe that intended parents should choose their egg donors and egg donors should decide whom they want to help. We’ll send your redacted profile to the candidate who wish to work with you so you can learn more about them. Once you and your egg donor agree to help one another, we have an “official match”.

Build Your Family Through Egg Donation