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Recipient FAQ

Finding a donor is a very personal experience. We support your decision and encourage you to take your time so that you feel comfortable and educated when making this very personal choice.

We believe in assisting our future parents through every step of the process and encourage you to reach out to one of our experienced case managers who understand just what you are going through.

Below are a few frequently asked questions, concerns, and answers many of our parents have asked throughout the years.

If you have specific questions that are not reflected, feel free to contact us.

Will my name and personal information be confidential?2020-09-01T09:44:15-07:00
Absolutely! Hellobaby understands that both recipients and egg donors alike are concerned about confidentiality. Therefore, we do not reveal the donor’s last name to the recipient, nor will we reveal any of the recipient’s personal information to the donor. Confidentiality is one of our main priorities.
Does Hellobaby work with single parents or gay couples?2020-09-01T09:45:30-07:00
Yes! We believe that the right to have children should be available to anyone, regardless of age, sex, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or sexual orientation.
What if I have not yet found a physician that I am working with? Can you help me find one?2020-09-01T09:46:29-07:00
Certainly! Hellobaby has established relationships with clinics all over the country. We would be glad to find you the best clinic and doctor to fit your specific needs.
Will I be in any kind of legal arrangement with my egg donor?2020-09-01T09:47:23-07:00
Yes. We will be glad to refer you to an attorney specializing in third party reproduction. He/she will draft and review the agreement with you. We will refer your donor to an attorney who will then review the agreement with her.
This contract is in place to protect both your and your donor’s best interests and is a critical piece in the egg donation process. Attorney fees are paid directly to your attorney. Please contact Hellobaby for more details.
Once I have selected an egg donor, how long until the egg retrieval?2020-09-01T09:48:13-07:00
Once you select a donor, the process generally takes about two to three months. This is an approximate time frame and can vary based on different factors related to a particular cycle. 

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