Same-sex couples and transgender people face unique challenges when building a family. At Hellobaby Surrogacy, we support your family building goals. Your care team will go above and beyond to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone looking to build their family – from same-sex male and female couples to transgender and non-binary individuals to non-partnered, single members of the community. Our goal is to ensure that all of our patients have the best possible chance of growing their families.

Options for gay couples

Exciting advances in third party reproduction have made it possible for gay couples to have a biological child. This fertility option consists of three primary steps:

  • Semen Analysis. The partner who wishes to use his sperm will go through a semen analysis to determine the volume, motility, concentration and morphology of his sperm. If the results are favorable, the couple will select an egg donor.
  • Egg Donation. The couple will choose the egg donor who will provide the eggs that will be fertilized with the biological father’s sperm. The couple’s gestational surrogate will then undergo embryo transfer.
  • Gestational Surrogacy. A gestational surrogate, another crucial component in LGBT fertility options for gay couples, is not biologically related to the embryo that will be transferred to her uterus. Gestational surrogates only carry the pregnancy and deliver the baby. The couple’s gestational surrogate can be someone they know or a woman they have selected through a gestational surrogacy agency.

Options for lesbian couples

Many LGBT fertility options are available to lesbian couples as they pursue their dreams of motherhood, including IUI and reciprocal IVF.

  • Donor sperm with IUI. Intrauterine insemination, or IUI, is an option for lesbian couples who would like one partner to provide the eggs and carry the pregnancy. In this situation, one partner has donor sperm injected into her uterus, using a thin catheter, at the time of ovulation.
  • Donor sperm with reciprocal IVF. In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is one popular LGBT fertility option. Reciprocal IVF allows one partner to provide the eggs and the other partner to carry the pregnancy. In this case, one partner undergoes ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval. Her eggs are then fertilized with donor sperm. One of the resulting embryos is transferred to the other partner’s uterus and she carries the baby.

Lesbian couples who cannot provide their own eggs can look into egg donation, and those who cannot carry a pregnancy can inquire about gestational surrogacy.

Options for transgender

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