Surrogacy Health Insurance

Surrogacy health insurance is one of the most important parts of a surrogacy arrangement. It ensures that the surrogate and the pregnancy are protected in case any complications should arise. Hellobaby will help arrange the health insurance for all surrogate mothers.

1. Does the surrogate need medical insurance to become a surrogate?

The surrogate does not need insurance to join Hellobaby’s surrogacy program, but all of our surrogates have medical insurance prior to starting their medications. Intended Parents are responsible for the cost of the insurance and we will evaluate your insurance status at the time of your match and help institute an appropriate policy.

2. Does surrogate need to have a insurance to cover the surrogacy?

No. If the surrogate does have medical insurance coverage, Hellobaby will take a look at the plan to see if it is likely to cover surrogacy. But if surrogate doesn’t have insurance, it’s not a problem. Hellobaby will find a plan that will cover the surrogate and the intended parents will pay any associated costs.

3. Will the surrogate’s own insurance be used for surrogacy?

The surrogate’s insurance will be vetted to determine if it is surrogacy friendly with no exclusions. Monthly premiums, copays and deductibles will be paid for by the intended parents if the surrogate’s insurance is used.

4. How much the life insurance does the intended parents pay for?

Hellobaby works to find the surrogate a $250,000 life insurance policy. The intended parents pay the premiums; however, the surrogate chooses the beneficiaries.

5. Does the intended parents need a the Newborn insurance?

The baby, when it is born, is not covered under the surrogate’s medical insurance. From the moment the baby leaves the womb, the intended parents become responsible for all medical costs. If the baby is born prematurely or has some other complication, NICU costs reach about $5,000/day in the US, and a stay of 1 to 3 weeks is not unusual). Hellobaby will ask all intended parents to buy this Newborn insurance.

6. What is ObamaCare, and will it provide reliable insurance for my surrogate?

Obamacare (which is actually named the Affordable Care Act) was a law passed in 2010 designed to reduce the number of Americans without insurance. The biggest component effecting Intended Parents is that the private insurance companies were forced to cover certain medical conditions (including new pregnancies, among others). Also, uninsured people were compelled to buy insurance through an online website during an Open Enrollment period.  The Open Enrollment period in November and early December. Once enrolled, the policy will not take effect until January 1. The ACA insurance plans are typically much more affordable and offer greater benefits than other plans. Many ACA plans will cover a surrogacy pregnancy.

7. What is the alternative to ObamaCare for surrogate insurance?

If the surrogate/intended parents wants insurance after/before the ACA open enrollment period, you must buy private insurance OUTSIDE of the ACA marketplace.

The surrogacy journey can sometimes be met with various obstacles, such as financial responsibilities and insurance considerations. Hellobaby is here to make sure you don’t feel lost and that you are guided every step of the way.

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