How will it work?

We will schedule the meeting according to everyone’s availability. A member of our team will be present to help guide the meeting. Depending on location and specific circumstances, the meeting may take place in person or virtually.

We will be present to make sure that all the major topics are covered. However, we also aim to empower everyone to ask questions, discuss goals, and share in conversation and connection. We want you to feel comfortable being open and honest. The goal is to have everyone get to know each other beyond what is in their profile. It is an opportunity to see how you communicate together. Whether an in-person or virtual meeting, this conversation will tell you how well this partnership would work in a surrogacy journey.

How should I prepare for the match meeting?

Before your meeting, take some time to think about what you want this relationship to look like and what matters most to you (and your partner, if applicable). Thinking over your circumstances, beliefs, and hopes can make them easier to talk about. We want your conversation to feel natural. Everyone should feel free to share.

Some questions to consider in advance:

What brought me to surrogacy?

How do I want this relationship to look?

What are my preferences for delivery?

How do I want the relationship to look after the baby is born?

What do I want the child to know about me?

What do I want to know about the child?

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! We encourage you to take this time to get to know each other in order to make an informed decision.

However, the match meeting is not the time to discuss financial matters. Our team can answer financial questions for you outside of the match meeting. The details will also be covered thoroughly during the contract stage.

How long will it take?

The length of the meeting will vary, but it usually takes about an hour. To make sure we aren’t rushed, we will ask you to select a time when you have at least an hour and a half available. While a surrogate’s partner will not need to be available for the entire call, they should be available for at least the first half hour.

What happens after?

After a match call, allow yourself to let everything sink in before deciding on the match. We recommend sleeping on it for one night to process but ask that everyone get back to us within 24 hours. If any additional questions come up during that time, reach out to us! We’ll be happy to offer information to help you make the best decision.

The match meeting is an exciting milestone in your surrogacy journey. You may feel nervous, but it’s likely that your potential match does too! At Hellobaby Surrogacy, we’ll be here to support you through this step and prepare you in moving forward.

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